Edda Sickinger

Edda Sickinger is a choreographer, performer and currently PhD student in Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town. Her research focuses on the intersections between choreography, touch and intimacy, urban space and digital technologies. She has shown work at festivals such as the ICA Live Art Festival, Tanztage Berlin, Performing Arts Festival Berlin and Hauptsache Frei Festival Hamburg. In 2018 she was awarded a grant by the ministry of culture in Hamburg and realised Urban Touch which was shown in Hamburg, Cape Town, New York and Zurich.

Mlondi Dubazane is a theatre maker, cultural studies scholar, multimedia enthusiast and co-founder of the Noise Inside Collective. His research sits with/in contesting Contemporary black South African masculinity and cultural identity through performance.

Chiminae Ball is a dramaturg, researcher, performer and co-founder of the Noise Inside Collective. She has featured in works on the main programme of the Edinburgh International Festival and Infecting the City Festival Cape Town, and she has collaborated on various cross-cultural projects such as Beyond Vice in Uppsala and Stockholm.

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