Infecting the City 2023
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Infecting the City 2023
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The longest-running public art festival in South Africa, Infecting the City (ITC)  brings performance and visual art out of theatres and galleries, into the streets and public spaces of Cape Town. ITC reimagines public space as stages, showcasing an array of art forms, and creating a platform for artworks relevant to the people that populate these spaces. Going beyond light entertainment, the Festival challenges audiences and transgresses aesthetic and disciplinary boundaries while also shifting perspectives.

ITC places the extraordinary into our everyday lives, it challenges and expands our definition of home and place, sparks unlikely conversations and points of connection, and – in so doing – enhances social cohesion and by implication economic development.

The theme for the 2023 ITC is political and social activism. Recognising the need for social, political and economic transformation as urgent, the festival will feature art that engages with the most pressing issues in South Africa at the moment.