Encountered on route Programmes B,C & E

The City is not exactly a playground for the youth. A space of commerce and industry, with the hustle and bustle that accompanies it, the City is sometimes at odds with young people trying to make sense of a world in which they seldom participate.

Groups of young people from various parts of the Cape were taken through workshops on space, architecture, movement and composition. YouthScapes is the outcome of this process: a range of young people, led by several creative leaders, give fresh, effervescent human form to a sometimes strange environment. These interventions will hopefully go some way towards re-inscribing the City as a shared space – one that is inspiring, evocative and safe for all.

Presented by: Artscape Creative Workshops and Artscape Student Liaison Unit (Mandla Mbothwe and Ukhona Mlandu), Jazzart Dance Threatre (Elvis Sibeko) and Sibonelo Dance Theatre (Mzokuthula Gasa).

Supported by: Santam.